Compost Mountain Boys


The Band—

Bruce 'Jr.' Johnson
Bruce JohnsonPlays the acoustic bass, and sings many of our songs. His style of bass playing has defined our sound even playing the occasional solo. In addition to bluegrass, he plays in the Hornband, and various jazz ensembles around town.

Tim Wilson
Tim WilsonPlaying the 5 string and driving the Bluegrass sound. He brings smooth, dynamic lead playing from the guitar to the banjo. He writes a few songs and instrumentals and is also a lead and harmony vocalist.

Mike "Spumoni" Manetas
mikemanetasPlays mandolin, great vocals and harmonies. Not only giving us that Ol' Kentucky sound, Spu's historical knowledge of this music always keeps the set list lively with songs and tunes from around the Bluegrass world.  Look for him at IBMA in Nashville, or Weizer in the Summer!

Martin Dodd
Marty DoddAcoustic guitar and vocalist, he is a prolific song writer. He plays tasty breaks and a strong rythm to round out our sound. He is also a member of the band Old Dog and often turns up at the Strawberry Festival.

The Compost Mountain Boys

Band at Fortuna Concert Series
have been performing traditional bluegrass music in Humboldt County since 1991.  We play most anywhere from major festivals, to local venues and of course your personal event. The band has performed at CBA Festivals and has produced one C.D., "Compost  Live!" at the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival.  We are blessed to have made our home in the redwoods and to have such a rich and lively arts community in which to play.

Over the years you could say we've "composted" our music into the unique, exciting and above else entertaining music that it is today. True to its form, the "Compost" sound, has continually adapted with the various members, having always produced a truely solid bluegrass experience. Let us bring a little of this inspiration to your next festival or event. We hope to see you soon and that you'll join all our great fans and keep on composting...

Compost Mountain Boys—
playing bluegrass for 20 years
in Humboldt County, California!